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Eve And Ellen Page 'Whip It' For Drew Barrymore's Roller Derby Pic

When MTV News caught up with the rapper/actress, she was recovering from the shoot in Detroit. "Let me tell you something," she said. "When you see this movie, we actually did those stunts."

Eve, along with Ellen Page and Barrymore herself, are roller derby players who go by names like Rosa Sparks (Eve), Malice in Wonderland (played by Kristen Wiig), Iron Maven (Juliette Lewis), and Bloody Holly (Zoe Bell). Page's character, Bliss Cavendar, runs away from home to join the team, despite the wishes of her mother (played by Marcia Gay Harden) that she enter beauty pageants instead.

Harden told us that Page stayed in character during much of the shoot, even when they would try to crack her up by singing Whitney Houston songs. "Ellen's a serious girl," she said. "She's an absolute doll, but she's a serious doll."

"She's really nice," said Eulala Scheel, Harden's ten-year-old daughter who plays Ellen's sister in the film. "But she's hard to be around, because she really likes to eat healthy, so I wouldn't know what I could eat in front of her at craft services. She doesn't laugh a lot. But one day I had my hair up in spikes, and that was funny, so she laughed at that."

Harden also said that Barrymore is a natural behind the camera, since she "has a very clear vision of what she wants," but she's also open to suggestions. "We were in the hair salon, and Eulala wanted to have a hair dryer pulled over her head, just while she was reading, and Drew said, 'OK, I think that's cute.'"

"Drew did a lot of homework for it," Harden continued, "and she put pictures in the script so you would get visual references, like 'Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore,' for what the feeling is, what the shot is. And she had music going to bring you into this world. She's very savvy, far more than me, when it comes to music."

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