B.o.B Already Has 2013's Best Album? 'Hands Down'

'Musically what I put into this album is gonna be the best album this year,' B.o.B tells MTV News about 'Underground Luxury'.

B.o.B is full of confidence. After hearing all of the major hip-hop releases in 2013, Bobby Ray is super excited about dropping his upcoming Underground Luxury album in the same year that Jay Z, Kanye West and Drake all have notable releases.

"For me, it's great because I would have the best musical album out this year, like hands down," Bob said unwaveringly as he strutted down the carpet at the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards in his native Atlanta on Saturday. "That's no knock to anybody, any of the greats like Jay and Kanye because I enjoyed their albums, but musically, what I put into this album is gonna be the best album this year."

It's important to note that B.o.B said he would have the best "musical" album, calling attention to his full studio repertoire. Not only does Bobby Bands rap and sing, he also plays the guitar and produces his own material.

Bob's current single "Ready" features Future on the hook and finds the Grand Hustle MC bragging on all his strengths. "Top five on any list, but I moved by five spots," he rhymes of his rap dominance.

While B.o.B doesn't back down off his album of the year boast, he acknowledges that this is a special time for hip-hop. Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake, J. Cole, Wale, Big Sean and 2 Chainz have all released high profile and notable albums while Pusha T, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled and Eminem are scheduled to drop before the end of the year.

"This year was a crazy year, everybody put out an album, but I feel like just the energy that's back in hip-hop, it's like back what you saw in the '90s when it was real superstar energy," he said. "I feel like that's very present among us."