Did David Schwimmer Just Help Solve A Mystery?


It would appear that "Friends" actor David Schwimmer can now add "crime solver" to his resume -- or, at the very least, "guy who tried to solve a crime."

The New York Post reported that Schwimmer spent part of his Memorial Day weekend going over security footage from his apartment's cameras after three men got into a brawl on the street outside. Eventually, one of the men smashed through a glass lobby door of the East Village building. The dispute was reportedly over a failure to pay in a prostitution deal. One party was hospitalized, one was arrested and charged with assault, criminal possession of a weapon and robbery, and the third party ran away.

Schwimmer's home security footage may be used in court, as the only other evidence in the case is the accounts of the two men caught at the scene.

David Schwimmer: Crime buster!

Here's one thing that's not a mystery: They were on a break.