15 Things We Need To See On 'Kourtney And Khloe Take The Hamptons'

We need answers, Kardashians!

Watch out Hamptons, Kourtney and Khloe Kardsahian are about to make you their beach.

Over the summer, the girls packed their bags for the upscale Long Island, New York, beach town, where they opened up their very first pop-up DASH boutique and enjoyed some quality family time but not without their fair share of Kardashian drama.

So after months of anticipation, we'll finally find out what went down during those three months as "Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons" debuts. But before the big premiere on Sunday (November 2), we thought it would be fun to speculate, so here are the 15 things we hope, no need, to see this season.

1. Khloe's African Safari

Even though the season takes place in the Hamptons, it kicks off with a trip to South Africa. Khloe accompanies then-boyfriend French Montana to the 2014 MTV African Music Awards, where they go on safari and hang out with Miguel. Seems like a pretty fabulous trip to me.

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2. The Bathtub Show

We aren't really sure what's going on in this part of the preview, but it involves Khloe and Scott "reporting live from the marble bath tub," which is basically amazing. Khloe does have a radio background, so it's possible they decided to do a local radio show for the summer, or they were just messing around.

3. Scott Disick's Highs

Let's be real, the true star of the Kardashian series is Scott Disick. With his fabulous style and quick quips, he's a reality TV legend-in-the-making. Scott will, of course, have some more stand-out moments to add to the list, which includes hanging a Lord Disick flag, walking around the Hamptons in impeccable ensembles and eating lobster with French Montana.

4. Scott Disick's Lows

And with the highs come the lows, and this season does not look to be very easy for Scott. Earlier this year, Disick lost both of his parents, and being back in their hometown for the summer would seem like a difficult place for him to cope. In the trailer, Scott is seen drinking, getting locked out of the house by Kourtney and visiting the emergency room, which may have been a result of alcohol poisoning.

Good news though: Scott seems to be doing better, just in time for baby #3!

5. Is It A Girl Or A Boy?

Looks like we'll find out if Kourtney will be adding another girl or boy to her growing family, which includes Mason (4) and Penelope (2). While some reports have her expecting a girl, "KKTH" should give a definitive answer sometime this season.

6. Khloe's Big B-Day Bash

Khloe had a star-studded 30th birthday bash in New York City on a yacht with her friends, family and French. I'm pretty much dying to see Khloe's reaction when the rapper gives her three pieces of jewelry and a white jeep as a b-day gift.

7. Don't Panic!

Khloe traded her reality star title for video vixen when she appeared in French's video for "Don't Panic." Though Khloe was supposed to be accompanied by Scott in the video, he didn't show up. But honestly, we really just want to see what the chemistry was like between the ex-couple on set.

8. The Breakup

The relationship didn't last between Khloe and French (we think), but we really don't know how the split unfolded. Who did the breaking up? Were there tears? A screaming match? We need some answers!!

9. Summer Selfies

Even though Mrs. Kanye West didn't spend the entire summer in New York, she does pop up throughout the series. So be on the lookout for some beach selfies and possibly an ugly cry, since it looks like she gets into a nasty fight with BFF Jonathan Cheban.

10. Jersey Shore Road Trip

But before their fight, BFFs Kim and Jonathan took a road trip to Snooki's old stomping grounds: Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Kim rode the carousel, a two-seater surrey and scored some local swag, but what I really want to know is what she thought about those boardwalk churros.

11. Where's Rob?


We haven't really had a Rob Kardashian sighting since he decided to opt out of sister Kim's wedding back in May. The youngest Kardashian has been struggling with his weight and his public persona, so it would be great to see him looking happy and healthy.

12. Kris The Cougar

Is Kris back on the dating scene since splitting with husband Bruce Jenner? It looks like she found her summer fling!

13. Kylie's Lips

Kim may have revealed the secret behind Kylie's full lips (it's all in the liner), but a step-by-step tutorial would be awesome this season.

14. Kiddie Cuteness

The amount of kiddie cuteness we're expecting this season is pretty much off the radar. I'm hoping to see some adorable play dates between Mason, Penelope and their cousin North West. My heart might not be able to handle it.

15. Local Love

Rumors were flying over the summer that New York locals weren't too happy that the girls invaded their beach town to film the series. It should be interesting to see how the royal reality family were treated and what the townspeople really thought of them.

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