Common Calls Drake 'Canada Dry' On 'Stay Schemin'' Remix

By Rob Markman

It’s an old-fashioned rap battle and after Common dropped his “Stay Schemin’” (Remix) on Shade 45’s “Sway in the Morning” and RapFix, the ball is now in Drake’s court. Spawning numerous trending topics on Twitter (“Canada Dry,” “Drake Diss” and “Common”), it’s clear that the Chi-Town rapper’s rebuttal is dominating Monday’s hip-hop conversation. “My motto is, Chicago b--ch/ Everybody knows you sweet, what the problem is?/ Don’t play dumb, I’m the one that acknowledged it,” Common spit in response to Drake’s diss verse on the original version of “Stay Schemin’,” which appeared on Rick Ross’ Rich Forever mixtape.

Common Directs Diss Track 'Stay Schemin (Remix)' At Drake

Common continued his verbal onslaught, citing Drake’s penchant for singing as a weakness. “Actin’ all hard when he hardly like that/ You gonna mess around and make me catch a body like that,” he rapped poking fun at Drizzy’s lyric from his single “Headlines.”

The battle may go a little deeper than rap however. Common threw the gauntlet out of nowhere in November when he released “Sweet,” a track which he later admitted to MTV News correspondent and Shade 45 host Sway Calloway, was partly aimed at Drake. Though the barb seemed random, it is important to note that that Drake and Common’s ex-girl Serena Williams had gotten close in the past year. In an interview with Complex Magazine, Drake said “I really, really love and care for Serena Williams,” but provided no further detail about the nature of their relationship.

Drake Taking Jabs At Common On 'Rich Forever' Track?

“Can’t say my name, but rap about a n---a’s wife/ You so black and white tryna live a n---a’s life,” Common spit in a thinly-veiled reference to Williams and Drake’s bi-racial make-up.

At the end Com throws the ball in Drake’s court when he finishes his verse off with: “I’m talking to long with this amateur guy/ You ain’t wettin’ nobody n---a, you Canada Dry.”

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