YouTube Star Ingrid Nilsen Comes Out As Gay In Emotional Video

If you're one of COVERGIRL Glambassador Ingrid Nilsen's 3.3 million YouTube subscribers, you are well-aware that her videos are equal parts funny, engaging, and informational. Her latest video is no different, though it is a little more personal—Ingrid comes out in it.

"There's something that I want you to know. And that something is...I'm gay. It feels so good to say that," Ingrid says at the beginning of the video. She goes on to discuss why she felt the need to hide who she truly was, her path to accepting her true feelings and preferences, and how instrumental the support of her friends has been in this process.

The most important thing Ingrid realized, she says, is that "We all deserve our best chance and it's time for me to give myself my best chance."

Congratulations, Ingrid! Enjoy your #covermoment—you definitely deserve it.