King Princess Is 'Bored Of Heteronormative Narrative' — But Don't Put Her Music Into A Box

The singer opens up about the term 'queer pop' and why it's not her favorite

It's almost been a full week since Mikaela Straus, a.k.a. King Princess, released her debut album, Cheap Queen, and now, the singer has opened up to Rolling Stone all about the project — including who it's for, what inspired it, and what genre she thinks it should be considered. Spoiler alert: She's not sold on the term "queer pop."

Although she identifies as a genderqueer lesbian, King Princess doesn't necessarily want her music to be placed in the "queer pop" box. Instead, she would prefer her success be regarded as proof that artists in the LGBTQ+ community can rise to the top with songs about queer relationships. "I think I represent the ability to get here," she said. "People are realizing that we're bored of heteronormative narrative."

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Still, the singer acknowledges that there are not "a lot of gay people" in her position. At least not yet. And while she's happy to be creating music that makes the listening experience more inclusive for everyone, we can all agree that this type of representation is long overdue. "It’s changing," she said. "But it's only become profitable and trendy to be gay in the last couple of years. Now it's time for people to be out and gay and make music."

But make no mistake. Not wanting her music to be classified as "queer pop" doesn't mean she wants to distance herself from the LGBTQ+ community. In fact, that's who her Cheap Queen album is truly for. "It's really for the gays," she said. "It is for everybody, but I feel especially the gays will be like, 'Damn, the emotions are there and I love that!'"

Overall, she just wants her music to be held to the same standard as straight artists. "'Queer pop' is literally saying sexuality is a genre," she said. "I don't want to be grouped in with only gay people. That's ridiculous. I want to battle everyone. If you're going to compare me, compare me to straight people, too."

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