'Dark Knight Rises' Commissioner Gordon 'Very World-Weary'

'He's a little reminiscent of the Gordon you see in 'Batman Begins,' ' actor Gary Oldman says.

This holiday season, fans looking forward to next year's release of "The Dark Knight Rises" should be thankful for "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" and all the press its star Gary Oldman is doing.

MTV News' Josh Horowitz caught up with Oldman, who stars in both of those films, on the red carpet for the Gotham Independent Film Awards and noticed something different about his face. The iconic Commissioner Gordon mustache was missing. After wrapping the film recently, Oldman lost the mustache in favor of a cleaner look.

"The Gordon mustache is retired," Oldman confirmed. "They gave me a shadow box, and it has my badge, my glasses and the mustache. He is retired."

Empire magazine's recent on-set feature dropped the detail that "The Dark Knight Rises" will take place seven years after the end of its predecessor "The Dark Knight." This obviously leaves a lot of time out of the story and a lot of changes for the characters, including Gordon. Oldman said that his character has a return to an earlier form for the trilogy's finale.

"He's a little reminiscent of the Gordon you see in 'Batman Begins.' They've tidied up the city, but there's still work to be done. He's very world-weary," Oldman said.

One of the more mysterious cast additions, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as beat cop John Blake, meant an extra man in Gordon's Gotham PD. Oldman described his time working with Gordon-Levitt as a little distracting, but in a good way. "Someone that talented, I do these scenes with him and you can't put a pin through an insincere moment," he said. "It's wonderful. You come out of character sometimes because ... you're in the scene and you find your head going, 'Wow. He's pretty good.' "

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