Ariana Grande’s 4 Costumes Prove She Loves Halloween The Most

Move over, Heidi Klum

Ariana Grande loooooves Halloween. I mean, she wears animal ears on, like, a random Tuesday in July, so, yeah, she’s gonna go all out for a holiday centered around costumes.

This year, she managed to make wearing four drastically different Halloween looks seem like NBD.


First up was Eevee, here to remind you that Pokémon Go was a thing in all of our lives earlier this year. She was joined by Mac Miller, who starred in the role of Pikachu.

Eevee gone bad

As far as Ariana is concerned, it’s not Halloween until fake blood is involved. She managed to involve it with the death of Pikachu, who she ate to death. R.I.P.

Regular ol’ cat

On Snapchat, Ariana described this look as “a cat, so basically myself.” On Instagram, she wrote “this doesn’t count as a look bc i would wear this to whole foods,” but, like, if you’re wearing it on Halloween, it counts.

Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom

For her third costume, Ari traded in her ears to become a kneesock-wearing human. The Sam to her Suzy was, of course, Mac. Imagine being so good at Halloween you not only pick great costumes, but also find the perfect places for photos. IMAGINE IT.

Trinity from The Matrix

Her final costume was another couples costume with Mac, involving a lot of patent leather and sunglasses and presumably some computer hacking.

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