This Supercut Proves 'Game Of Thrones' Is Actually 'Game Of Wine': Watch Now

More wine, milady?

No one was under the impression that the Realm-dwellers of "Game Of Thrones" were anything less than boozehounds, but have you ever stopped to think about just how much alcohol these Westerosi royals actually consume?

The answer: a lot. Like, so much. All your wine are belong to them. All of it. It's basically raining wine all over the Known World, but only a few houses have what it takes to really get lubed up, as evidenced by The Movie Maniac's new supercut highlighting every moment of consumption over the past four seasons.

Heck, the video even tallies which house "got their drink on" the most. We'll give you three guesses -- and the first two don't count -- as to which family leads the pack. (Hint: It's the one with the guy who claims to be the "god of tits and wine." Between him and his sister, I mean, jeeeeez...)