This New Invention Means You Will Never Have To Be Without Pizza Again

Now you can have your slice and eat one too!

The cheesy gooeyness. The crispy crust. That one bite that has the perfect sauce-to-topping ratio -- pizza. It could quite possibly be the perfect food. In fact, one of the only downsides of pizza is that it can't be on our person at all times.

At least, it couldn't before the invention of the Portable Pizza Pouch. This wonder of modern ingenuity -- and yours for a mere $8 -- was created by the online store Stupidiotic, and is offered as a way to "Keep and carry a backup slice."



The creators claim that wearing the strap will not only ensure that you will never have to be without pizza again(phew), but also that "just wearing this Pizza Pouch will instantly make you more popular and attractive." Huh. Beauty is in the eye of the pizza holder, we suppose.

If you gotta grab a slice of this action, we certainly won't judge, but be prepared to wait. According the Stupidiotic's site, shipment of the pouches may be delayed until October 18th, due to "sudden popularity."

H/T Cosmopolitan

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