Someone Gathered 133 Disney Princess Songs In 2 Huge Compilation Albums

Someday the Disney compilation of your dreams will come (actually, it already has).

If you ever wanted to take a Disney princess-themed stroll down memory lane, "NOW" you can.

NOW That’s What I Call Music, the company that has been releasing time capsule CDs of current hits since 1983, turned its attention towards cartoon royals with "NOW That's What I Call Disney Princess" and their accompanying disc, "NOW That's What I Call Disney." The latter features a broader range of Disney classics, including music from live-action movies "Mary Poppins" and "High School Musical."

The compilation discs are massive, with one containing 44 songs and the other boasting an enormous 89 songs. Just FYI, that's more than six hours of Disney-themed musical fun.

Take a look at a partial track listing for both albums below and get them all wonderfully stuck in your head like we have.

"NOW That's What I Call Disney Princess" Disc 1

—The Little Mermaid - "Kiss the Girl"

—Pocahontas - "Colours Of The Wind"

—Aladdin - "A Whole New World"

—The Little Mermaid - "Part of Your World"

—The Little Mermaid - "Under the Sea"

—Enchanted - "That’s How You Know"

—Mulan - "Reflection"

—Cinderella - "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes"

—Tangled - "I See The Light"

—Beauty and the Beast - "Something There"

—Tangled - "When Will My Life Begin"

—Beauty and the Beast - "Beauty And The Beast"

—Sleeping Beauty - "Once Upon A Dream"

—Disney Princess - "If You Can Dream"

—Pocahontas - "Just Around The Riverbend"

—Enchanted - "Happy Working Song"

—Enchanted - "True Love's Kiss"

—Pocahontas 2 - "Where Do I Go From Here"

—Snow White - "With A Smile and A Song"

—Snow White - "Some Day My Prince Will Come"

—Mulan II - "Like Other Girls"

—Snow White - "I'm Wishing/One Song"

For the full 44-song track listing, go to NOW.

"NOW That's What I Call Disney" CD 1

—Frozen - "Let It Go"

—Pinocchio - "When You Wish Upon A Star"

—The Lion King - "Circle Of Life"

—The Little Mermaid - "Kiss The Girl"

—Pocahontas- "Colours Of The Wind"

—The Jungle Book - "The Bare Necessities"

—Toy Story - "You’ve Got A Friend In Me"

—Enchanted - "That’s How You Know"

—The Lion King - "Hakuna Matata"

—The Little Mermaid - "Under The Sea"

—Beauty And The Beast - "Beauty And The Beast"

—Aladdin - "A Whole New World"

—Pirates Of The Caribbean - "He’s A Pirate"

—Cinderella - "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes"

—Aladdin - "Friend Like Me"

—The Lion King - "I Just Can’t Wait To Be King"

—Hercules - "I Wont Say (I’m In Love)"

—Sleeping Beauty - "Once Upon A Dream"

—The Little Mermaid - "Part Of Your World"

—Hercules - "Zero To Hero"

—Mary Poppins - "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"

—The Aristocats - "Ev’rybody Wants To Be A Cat"

—The Lion King - "Can You Feel The Love Tonight"

For the full 89-song track listing (yowza), go to NOW.

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