Finn Wolfhard Pulled A Joe Keery And 'Stranger Things' Fans Can't Deal

Finn's long locks give him rockstar vibes

Not too long ago, Stranger Things actor Joe Keery shocked the internet with a new hairdo.

Keery, who portrays Steve Harrington on the Netflix series, is known for his fabulous locks, which undoubtedly require a few cans of hair spray to tame. Fans are in love with that hair (potentially as much as they are with the actor!) and absolutely lost it when Keery debuted bangs. It looks like the same has just happened with Keery's co-star Finn Wolfhard, who portrays Harrington's friend Mike in the '80s-inspired show.

Wolfhard took to Instagram with a daring new look that channels some total rock star vibes with lengthy tendrils. He's really owning it, as he looks into the camera with a stoic face. We could see him wearing a similar cut in later episodes of Stranger Things.

But it was still change, and when actors change well-known things about themselves (as we've previously seen), it tends to cause an uproar, with both good and bad reactions.

As you may well be able to imagine, fans immediately sounded off on social about their thoughts on Wolfhard's hair. Some loved it, some hated it, and some, well, just wished people would stop asking him to cut it. We agree with the whole not cutting it thing. People really can't figure out if they're into it or not.

Since Wolfhard both paired his photo with one of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers and opted out of including a caption, it's unclear if he's making fun of himself or if he's wearing his hair like this for a role. If so, hopefully it sticks around for a while.

Either way, we think the new cut (er, growth?) looks great, and it totally fits with his musical ambitions (did you know he was in a band called Calpurnia?). Keep serving, Finn.