This Trailer For The Amy Winehouse Documentary Is Heartbreaking

'Amy' looks back at the rise, fall, and loss of an incredible talent.

In death, Amy Winehouse is a tragic figure. But in life, she was a star -- and if you needed a reminder of what a talent was lost when she was, this trailer for "Amy" will get you there (and make it very dusty in here.)

Four years after Winehouse's death from alcohol poisoning in 2011, "Amy" is a moving portrait of the artist as a young woman, with previously unseen archive footage and previously unheard tracks from her recording career.

This documentary is the work of director Asif Kapadia, who gained access to an unprecedented amount of unreleased and private material in order to make a film that tells Amy's story largely through her eyes and in her own words.

Also of interest: According to a review from Variety, "Amy" also connects the dots in new ways when it comes to identifying contributing factors in the singer's decline and death, which might explain why her family has already spoken out in criticism of the film.)

Even in trailer form, "Amy" is simultaneously fascinating and difficult to watch, knowing how it has to end.

"Amy" debuted at the Cannes Film Festival this month to rave reviews and a standing ovation.

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