Taylor Swift May Be Bringing Bad Blood To Pro Baseball Teams

Harmless pop star or baseball playoff jinx? You decide.

Sports and superstition have always gone hand in hand. From the Boston Red Sox’s infamous playoff beards to Michael Jordan’s weird ritual of wearing his UNC practice shorts underneath his uniform, any quirky behavior is ultimately deemed justifiable if it helps your team snag a W.

But then there are the curses that hex the sports world; things that can’t be stopped no matter how many rally towels you wave and how many times you refuse to wash your lucky jersey. Their power is just that strong and inescapable. Such is the Baseball Curse of Taylor Swift.

A fascinating new report from ESPNW points out that the pop superstar has brought her 1989 Tour to three MLB parks this summer: the homes of the Houston Astros, the Washington Nationals and the San Diego Padres. And, suspiciously enough, all three of those teams have struggled terribly since hosting her show. So is she really a baseball playoff jinx? Let’s take a look at the evidence:

Houston Astros

Before Tay struck Houston, the Astros were 55-45, held the first wild-card spot, and were happily on track to snag a playoff berth (which would’ve been their first in a decade, BTW). But right after her show, they lost seven of eight home games and have turned in a lousy 8-11 record. Ouch. And as ESPNW cleverly points out, “When was the last time the Astros missed the postseason after being at least 10 games over .500 at the halfway point of the season? In 1989. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.”

Washington Nationals

Two days after the 1989 Tour stormed through the Nats’ ballpark in July, the lights went out and play was suspended. Pitcher Max Scherzer jokingly blamed Taylor on Twitter, but was definitely eating his words soon enough. A preseason fave to go all the way to the World Series, they’ve since plummeted to a 32-39 record, knocking them out of playoff contention. Swift strikes again!

San Diego Padres

The third and (hopefully) final victim here? The Padres, who’ve gone 11-18 since Tay’s show at Petco Park on Aug. 29, and have also been cut from the postseason. That’s strike three!

Up in Toronto, Blue Jays fans are getting spooked by the disturbing pattern, since their team’s ballpark is hosting Taylor’s tour this weekend for two sold-out performances. The Jays have already snagged a playoff spot, but the Toronto Star is (understandably) worried that Tay’s arrival — coupled with hometown hero Drake’s not-so-stellar track record of sports curses — could doom their postseason chances.

Dun dun dun!

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