Debby Ryan's 'Taylor Swift'-like Album 'One' Gets A Summer Release Date

'It's like if Mumford and Sons ... Taylor Swift and the White Stripes all had a weird indie-rock-blues-folk baby,' Ryan told MTV News.

She may have a hit Disney series under her belt, but like many that have come before her, Debby Ryan, is now taking the leap into music.

However, unlike some of her Disney predecessors, Ryan is opting for rock, instead of pop, by forming the band, Debby Ryan and the Never Ending. On Friday (February 14), it was announced that her debut album, One, will be released June 24.

According to Billboard, the album will be nine tracks. The band will create video content leading up to the release.

Back in December, Ryan co-hosted with MTV News for "Justin Bieber Believe: Red Carpet Live." It was there that she told us to expect a first single in April, and that her upcoming effort is a bit of a mix of all genres.

"It's like if Mumford and Sons and The Lumineers and Katy Perry and Taylor Swift and the White Stripes all had a weird indie-rock-blues-folk baby," Ryan said. "It's very cool. It's a little bit rock and roll which is great."

Ryan revealed that the album has been a "couple years in the making," which resulted in hundreds of songs being written that show her growth not only as an artist, but as a young woman.

"It's very much that journey and the flip-side of that all the things people see, the sitcom and the kids show," Ryan said. "But I'm a 20-year-old woman and I'm growing and dealing with all sorts of things and this is really chronicling that. So 2014 is probably the most personal year, yet and the scariest..."

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