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Does The 'Teen Wolf' Hit List Creator Have A Link To Allison Argent?

The killer used the archer's name as a password to a supernatural dead pool.

Allison Argent may be gone, but her name is living pretty unfortunate fashion.

On tonight's "Teen Wolf" episode, Lydia, who'd been out of sorts, realized the latest installment of her Banshee haze generated a totally unclear computer code. She wasn't sure what it meant, but she and Kira decided it was worth exploring. So the girls took the laptop along with them on a trip to Lydia's lakehouse, which was designed to keep Malia and the newly bitten Liam safely restrained during the coming full moon.

Unbeknownst to Lydia, Liam, who'd been led to the lake house under the pretense that there was a party in progress, had invited the better part of the freshmen class to rage; soon, Lydia's pad was a war zone. Amid the chaos, the banshee chased Liam's pal Mason upstairs to shoo him out of the second-floor office and quickly realized -- once she shut the door behind her -- that the space was soundproof. Before long, she picked up on the white noise the room's phonograph was playing and receded into her familiar supernatural trance (complete with visions of heads in the wall!).

Kira, who'd been busy keeping Liam tied up, stumbled upon Lydia in the thick of the banshee's spell, and when Lydia came to, she realized she'd drummed up the password to her code: "Allison." She entered her fallen friend's name into her laptop, and what popped up understandably chilled her to her core. She and Kira saw the names of every single supernatural creature living in Beacon Hills, and the girls, among Scott, Derek and others, were included. It was, Lydia realized, a hit list.

Considering the code's password, do you think the document's creator knows Allison? And does he or she have ties to the friends and family she left behind? Tell us what you think of tonight's episode!