What Is Lori's Plan Now That She's Kidnapped 'Carter' Again?

After a sting operation went horribly wrong, the faux mom finally succeeded in taking her 'daughter' back.

Discovering a child has been kidnapped is a hell no parent should ever have to endure, but on tonight's "Finding Carter" episode, Elizabeth Wilson was forced to live through the horror for a second time.

On the show's season finale, Lori, who'd seemingly fallen to the wayside after Carter chose to live with her biological family, cold-called the Wilsons while posing as a youth counselor who wanted to arrange a conference with Carter. As the sight of Max being shot had understandably shaken Carter, Elizabeth was completely receptive to the idea of getting her daughter some help, and arranged a meeting between "Claire Gregory" and Carter.

Dressed in a brand-new wig, it was Lori who arrived at the Wilson home for the appointment, though, and Carter, who was stunned by the sight of her, reflexively let her inside. In an otherwise empty house, Carter and the woman she once believed was her mother sorted through the conflicting stories of why Carter was taken. And though Lori pleaded her case and assured Carter there was more to the story than just a vendetta against Elizabeth and David, Carter gave her the cold shoulder and sent her on her way.


Determined to get a follow-up meeting with Elizabeth, "Claire" called back to schedule a sit-down, but Carter clued Elizabeth in to Lori's scheme. Elizabeth, who'd sworn to Carter that her days of tracking down her daughter's captor were behind her, was suddenly back on the case, and she and Carter planned a sting at the town's fountain to finally catch Lori and put her behind bars.

Things didn't go exactly as planned, though, and Carter, who watched from a coffee shop as her mother and a swarm of police patrolled the area, began to feel woozy. Suddenly, Lori sidled up beside her, and when Carter wised up to the fact that her java had been drugged, it was too late. Lori, who'd told the cafe's wait staff that she was Carter's mother, carried Carter into her car and drove away while Elizabeth, who'd realized Lori's tactic a little too late, desperately chased behind on foot. Her efforts were in vain: Her daughter was gone again.

It's not clear exactly why Lori's gone after Carter again, or what she has planned, but she's proven she's not playing nice. What do you predict she'll try to do? Sound off on the "Finding Carter" season finale below!

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