Leonardo DiCaprio Has A Swedish Doppelgänger: Which Leo Is Which?

How do you say 'heartthrob' in Swedish?

World, meet Konrad Annerud, a 21-year-old Swedish bartender-slash-musician who is a dead ringer for one of the world's most recognizable faces: Leonardo DiCaprio.

And we're talking late about '90s, "Romeo + Juliet" and "Titanic" era Leo, too, which means this guy's swoon stock is at its peak right about now. And he knows it, too.

All over his Instagram feed (but hold off on clicking over to it for jussssst a sec if you can -- you'll see why), he's posted himself striking very Leo-esque poses -- y'know, shirtless, messy-haired and giving us all that pseudo-angry-looking come hither stare.

And while he's said that the attention has its drawbacks -- "it can be quite annoying sometimes when people call me ‘Leo’ instead of my real name," he told his local news -- he knows that Leo's a stud, and the comparison is nothing but complimentary.

There've been other Leo look-alikes to cross our desks in the past, of course, but this one's the realest deal yet. In fact, we think he looks so much like DiCaprio that we wanted to put this to the test and see if YOU can spot which Leo is which in this quiz below.