Kendall Jenner Goes Full 'Mean Girls' By Flipping Hateful Comments Into Her Own Personal Burn Book

Watch the model channel Regina George in this new clip from her cover story with 'Dazed' magazine.

Dazed magazine just did a cover story on Kendall Jenner, but there was an extra video portion that really blew our minds. In a perfect confluence of the recent past and the cutting edge present, Kendall recreates the classic “burn book” scene from "Mean Girls" with excerpts from the comments section on her own life.

“Kendall Jenner is a fugly slut,” she says with the hint of a smirk, scrawling the insult down in the burn book.

Several of the quotes touch on the idea that she doesn’t have talent—"Kendall Jenner is gorgeous, too bad she’s one of the richest, prettiest, most talentless people ever."

"Kendall Jenner is a self-absorbed white bitch with millions of dollars from doing absolutely nothing, so don’t f—king tell me to like her," goes another quote.

At one point she looks up from the book, glares straight at the camera, and reads: "She couldn’t do this without her family."

Several other insults touch on her perceived pettiness and self-promotional tendencies on social media: "She has a link to her Twitter in her bio," she reads. Near the end comes the greatest burn possible in our networked age: "Kendall Jenner unfollowed me."

The best part about the video is how subversive it is, Kendall cleverly insulates herself from the hateful words by embodying the insults in her own little pink book. Regina George would be proud.

Speaking of Regina, check out the recent reunion pictures of the "Mean Girls" cast here.

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