Toys'R'Us Kicks Off Game Trade-In Program

Toys"R"Us wants your old video games -- like two decades old. The new in-store trade-in program offers Toys"R"Us gift cards for used games from "more than 25 current and classic systems." Their program, which was piloted at several stores earlier this year will be open for business nationwide as of today.

"Now, gamers who are ready to move onto new challenges can exchange their used video game titles from almost any system, including classics like Intellivision or the newest platforms, for a Toys"R"Us gift card representing the value offered for the trade-in," according to a press release.

Exactly where the games are being sent after they're traded in is not yet clear, though the company has reportedly made an agreement with someone else to refurbish them for sale elsewhere, meaning Toys"R"Us is not going to be selling used video games anytime in the near future.

The games instead "are taken by a third party company that refurbishes them for resale," according to a Toys"R"Us representative who spoke to Joystiq.

This of course begs the question -- who is buying the games from Toys"R"Us? The retail chain must have secured a pretty big partner to move all of those used Intellivision and Jaguar games. So keep an eye out for a windfall of refurbished product hitting somewhere near you soon.

Will you be trading in any of your old games for store credit with Toys"R"Us? Do you think they're smart not to be selling the used games onsite? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.