So Shay Mitchell 100% Just Ran Topless Through Los Angeles


Shay Mitchell is queen of the small screen thanks to her work on Pretty Little Liars and the moving and raw videos she posts via YouTube and elsewhere on social media.

On February 9, Shay posted a message to her YouTube channel to mark the milestone of passing 3 million subscribers. "It's just a learning experience every single week!" she gushes, singing the praises of her platform while thanking her viewers for subscribing. "So, I was thinking about what I could do to say thanks. And then, while I was thinking, Sammy came in, and of course caught me off guard..."

Sammy, her assistant, not only came in, but brought receipts: She reminded Shay that while on vacation in Morocco, she said that she'd run naked through the streets of Los Angeles once she hit 3 million subscribers. And, WELP. Reader, SHE DID THAT.

Shay, not one to go back on her word, donned a unicorn mask — and not much else — and took off for a quick jog around her neighborhood. She elicited several honks and a number of extremely bewildered looks from pedestrians, and returned to Sammy's car totally breathless.

"A DEAL IS A DEAL," she gasped. "Guess what happens when I hit 10?!"