'The Shannara Chronicles'' New Trailer Defines The Word 'Epic'

See it now!

"It has begun," indeed.

The brand-new trailer for "The Shannara Chronicles" has arrived, giving fans of Terry Brooks' best-selling novels a glimpse of the upcoming MTV show. And what a glimpse it is.

Alongside shots of majestic landscapes (the show is filmed in stunning New Zealand), the clip boasts action aplenty: Between elves, druids and humans, the residents of the fictional Four Lands launch epic battles using a whole lot of swords and some supernatural tricks to boot. And if you look carefully, you might just spot elven Princess Amberle (played by Poppy Drayton) and half-human/half elf Wil Ohmsford (Austin Butler).

Speaking of Wil, the character certainly takes after one side of the family -- when an apparent foe pushes his hair aside (with a knife, no less), his elf-like ears are exposed. But the unconventional look apparently doesn't hurt Wil's game with the ladies: Ohmsford -- who represents the last of the legendary Shannara family and joins forces with the Druid who'll guide him to his destiny -- will have not one but two love interests on the show. The lucky gals: Princess Amberle herself and a human named Eretria (Ivana Baquero).

But back to the we-can't-wait-for-more trailer. Watch it in all its glory below, then tell us what you think of life in the Four Lands. And get ready for "The Shannara Chronicles," premiering on MTV in January 2016!

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