Sorry, Kendrick Lamar Is Not Releasing That 'Untitled' Song From 'The Colbert Report'

Just enjoy the album.

If you’re one of the many Kendrick Lamar fans waiting for the wildly creative track that premiered on "The Colbert Report," “Untitled,” to drop, don’t hold your breath.

Terrace Martin, who performed the moving song on the show alongside Lamar, Anna Wise, Bilal and Thundercat, confirmed Thursday (Mar. 26) that the How To Pimp A Butterfly rapper will not be releasing the song.

“It don’t even exist nowhere in the world, except on 'The Colbert Report,'” Martin told Complex.

In fact, there is no master recording of the song, which, according to Martin, was written just for the “i” MC’s performance on the Comedy Central show.

Lamar was the show’s last official musical guest and to commemorate the occasion, the song was created to be “just a moment” instead of a commercial single.

That, of course, is bad news for fans who'd love to add the jazzy, improvisational track to their MP3 player, but since it’s easily accessed on YouTube, it can still be enjoyed.

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