Colton Haynes Just Got Real About His Struggles With Anxiety

He's our real-life superhero.

Colton Haynes may no longer be donning a red hood on the regular for "Arrow," but he's still a superhero to us — especially when he's opening up about tough, personal issues on Twitter to let others know they are not alone.

Last night (December 1), the former "Teen Wolf" star took to Twitter to discuss an issue very near and dear to his heart: anxiety. First, by sharing an Upvoted article reporting on a study researching the link between anxiety disorders and social status — spoiler alert: anxiety disorders may "hurt" your social status — and then by opening up about his own struggles with anxiety in a series of tweets...

In addition to giving details of his own battles with anxiety, Colton asked those who have people in their lives who suffer from it -- and given that anxiety affects 40 million adults or 40% of the American population reportedly have anxiety, that's a lot of us -- to be more compassionate and understanding, and to not dismiss the very real symptoms of an anxiety disorder as "being dramatic."

Gah, we really want to give Colton a big hug right now...


It's not easy to open up, on social media or "IRL," about very personal struggles — especially when it comes to something like anxiety, which is still so often misrepresented, misunderstood, and stigmatized in our culture.

But, it's brave moments like Colton's shared story that give us hope that, one day, we will live in a world that treats all of us who battle anxiety with the love, respect, and compassion we all deserve.

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