Jennifer Lawrence's 'Red Sparrow' Nudity 'Empowered' Her After Nude-Photo Hack

How the sexualized spy thriller helped Lawrence reclaim her 'body' and her 'art'

If mother! took a physical toll on Jennifer Lawrence, then Francis Lawrence's R-rated psychological spy thriller, Red Sparrow, took a mental toll on the Oscar-winning actress.

In a new interview with 60 Minutes, Lawrence revealed how the nudity in the film empowered her in the wake of the major 2014 nude-photo hack that leaked her private photos — along with those of other well-known women — to the internet.

The gross invasion of privacy left J.Law so shaken up that she had been reluctant to perform nude scenes in other films, until Red Sparrow presented her with the choice to reclaim her body her way.

Murray Close/20th Century Fox


"I realized there's a difference between consent and not. I showed up for the first day and I did it and I felt empowered," she said of the experience. "I feel like something that was taken from me, I got back. It’s my body, it's my art, and it's my choice. And if you don't like boobs, you should not go see Red Sparrow." (That also goes for dark, violent dramas about espionage and sexual assault — you've been warned.)

Last year, Lawrence compared the "so unbelievably violating" nude-photo hack to being "gang-banged by the fucking planet."

Red Sparrow opens in theaters this Friday, March 2.