Katy Perry And Taylor Swift’s Friendship: From Hot To Cold

All this talk about a possible fued had us looking back on their best bestie moments.

So everybody, including ourselves, can't stop taking guesses about which female musician Taylor Swift is "straight-up enemies" with.

In a new Rolling Stone cover story, Swift said that the song "Bad Blood" off her upcoming album 1989 is about a fellow singer who did something "so horrible."

On Tuesday (September 9) things got a little more interesting when Katy Perry tweeted that we should "watch out for the Regina George in sheep's clothing..." throwing a "Mean Girls" shade at someone.

Many thought that this was in response to Taylor's comment, which got us thinking, weren't these two good friends at one point? Turns out, they were. Here is a look back at Taylor and Katy's friendship over the years, which appears to have gone from cold.

September 2008: Red Carpet Besties

In 2008, Taylor, who co-hosted the MTV Video Music Awards preshow, Katy and Miley were all nominated for Best New Artist. The pop stars chatted it up like besties on the red carpet all about fashion...until a bee totally crashed the party.

February 2009: Grammy Girls

Taylor and Katy posed together at the 51st Grammy Awards and it was that night that Katy admitted she took a piece of Taylor and Miley's hair, put a bow on it and kept it in her purse. Don't all friends do that?

August 2009: Girls Night Out

Katy and Taylor hug it out after grabbing a bite to eat in London in the summer of 2009.

January 2010: Sparkle Sisters

The girls dazzled in the sparkly numbers as they posed together at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards in 2010 where Taylor won for Album of the Year for Fearless

March 2010: 2 Girls, Same Mind

Back in March of 2010, Katy did an interview with Nylon magazine, where she admitted that "sometimes I really feel like I'm more of a Taylor Swift."

"She tells stories, and I think that’s why she resonates with a lot of people. She hits the hidden chord in them [where they say], ‘Oh my God, I’ve been through that too,’ or ‘You said it in a way I could never explain.'”

April 2010: On-Stage Collaborators

If you're a fan of Taylor then you know she likes to invite her fellow singers on stage with her while on tour. Back in April of 2010 while on her Fearless tour, Taylor invited Katy to sing her hit "Hot N Cold" in front of a crowd at Los Angeles' Staples Center.

November 2011: Cat Ladies

Back in November of 2011, Taylor introduced her cat Meredith to us all and we, including Katy, instantly fell in love.

November 2011: Hug It Out

Later that month, Katy celebrated with Taylor as she won the 2011 American Music Award for Artist of the Year.

December 2011: Katy Has Nothing But Love For Taylor

Katy sent along her congrats and praise to Taylor who was honored as CMT's Artist Of The Year in 2011 saying that even though the country star was 'inspiring' and 'really nice' she still wants her cat.

February 2013: Backstage Meet-Up

From the end of 2011 until 2013, it doesn't appear that the two stars spent much time together, but they did meet-up backstage at the 2013 Grammy Awards, where Katy was in attendance with Taylor's ex, John Mayer.

September 2014: Bad Blood?

Shot's have been fired by both Taylor and Katy, but only they know if they are meant for each other. To be continued...

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