Who Said It: Kristen Stewart or Jesse Eisenberg? [QUIZ]

The 'American Ultra' stars are actually a lot alike.

Though they might play a pair of a slackers wasting away under a constant cloud of cannabis fog in "American Ultra," in real life Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg are both notoriously cerebral people. In fact, for a lot of fans, a major part of their shared charm is the way that they tend to wander off into various tangents during interviews and are always super duper self-deprecating. And they have many thoughts on the fame game and life in general.

In fact, after listening to them go through almost an entire press tour for their newest collaboration, we started to notice that these two sound pretty alike sometimes. OK, a LOT alike. And we began to wonder if we could even tell the difference between who said what if we didn't already know it was him or her.

So, we devised this quiz compiling a few ultra KStew-isms with some Eisenwords and found that yes, they are just as difficult to distinguish as we expected.