Damon And Elena Hug It Out In New 'Vampire Diaries' Series Finale Teaser

Delena is back!

How many teasers are too many teasers? Because we think The Vampire Diaries is trying to break a record here. The network has released yet another brief preview of the March 10 series finale, and this one is bound to make Delena fans very happy.

The teaser finds Elena, now fully conscious, back in the Salvatore mansion with brothers Stefan and Damon. Upon realizing that his soulmate is awake and out of the coffin, Damon runs to Elena's side and gives her a warm and long-awaited embrace. (Kinda reminiscent of their bittersweet moonlit waltz in the Season 6 finale.) “Welcome back,” Stefan says from afar.

Judging from Elena's expression, she's still head-over-heels for Damon, which means she didn't lose her memories like some fans originally thought. Unless that's secretly Katherine Pierce pulling off one last switcheroo on the Salvatore brothers before the series end. Now that would be quite a twist.