Shawn Mendes Says Drake's Security Team Once Mistakenly Roughed Him Up

But everything is cool now, don't worry

Justin Bieber may not have known who Shawn Mendes was that one time, but you definitely do. In addition to being a 2017 VMA performer, Mendez is also the kickoff star of MTV Unplugged, which returned last Friday with set that took Mendes from piano bench to center stage a few times.

Anyway, since you know who Shawn Mendes is, please tell Drake's security team, because despite being fellow Ontarians, Mendes was apparently detained, with his arms pinned behind his back, by one of Drake's bodyguards at a recent show for The Weeknd in Toronto.

As Mendes told host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Wednesday night (September 13), "His security had me completely at his mercy... In my eyes, I knew it was like, 'Help me, please, Drake.'"

Luckily, Drake realized fairly quickly who his guard was detaining and instructed him to let Mendes go. That's a good ending to the story because, as Mendes said, he could've ended up kicked out of the show or possibly in jail, which would perhaps make an even better late-night TV anecdote.

Anyway, there's two valuable lessons from this. One, Drake's security team is tight. And two, as Mendes said, "Don't expect everyone to know you are."

They're learning, though.

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