Casey Neill & The Norway Rats Get Appropriately Destructive In 'All You Pretty Vandals' Video

If you need tips on pranking someone -- or some ideas for awesome Instagram photos -- take a look at Casey Neill & The Norway Rats’ “All You Pretty Vandals” video.

Before we get into the guts of the vid, however, we'd be remiss if we didn't inform you that this six-piece band consists of some of the most noted acts in Portland’s music scene, including the Eels (Chet Lyster) and the Decemberists (Jenny Conlee and John Moen). Their debut album, All You Pretty Vandals, was also produced by Chris Funk of the Decemberists.

Funk helped the band to capture its anthemic, junkyard sound, a quality frontman Casey Neill said he’s “spent a decade trying to get to -- both in my own writing and the sound of the band.” Well, it looks like Neill found the right formula, because the band gets truly epic on their title track.

Now back to the video: In the vid, Neill and a biker set off on a rather strange roadtrip, the biker paying people to torture Neill at each pit stop. The singer gets squirted with champagne, hit with water balloons -- his toe gets crushed by a big wheel and his pants are lit on fire. All this while blindfolded. Talk about a rough day! Meanwhile the biker takes photos of all the craziness. (We bet these would get a lot of likes on Instagram!)

According to Neill, the album “is a series of character sketches of people, and two cities dear to him, Portland and New York." I hope whoever Neill is portraying in this video has registered for Obamacare! Don't try this at home kids!

All You Pretty Vandals will be out November 12.

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