King Of Shirtlessness Justin Bieber Weighs In On Drake's Sexy Selfie

Biebs has some thoughts on Drizzy's abs.

Famously shirtless pop star/former boy king Justin Bieber is a veritable expert on the practice of forgoing T-shirts, button-ups, polos, sweaters and various other pieces of apparel that obscure one's view of his rippling muscles. Which is why when he weighed in on Drake's foray into forsaking fabric, we took note, dudes.

First, Drizzy posted the below photo and we all ardently admired his dedication to physical fitness and his apparent pride in his temple...

Then, according to LoveBScott, who screenshot the evidence, Bieber responded with the below:


Well, said da Biebs! I enjoy how you called him "daddy," which is not creepy at all since Drake's Insta name is "ChampagnePapi" and a "papi" is basically that.

Also, you know, "damn." That was a good word to use, as it is accurate.

Now back to your regularly scheduled deluge of cats and bad news.

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