Chris Pratt's Children's Hospital Visit Took A T-Rex-Sized Bite Out Of Our Hearts

Chris Pratt has conquered many realms of movie heroism -- from outer space ("Guardians of the Galaxy") to a world made entirely of plastic blocks ("The Lego Movie") to, most recently, a nightmarish hellscape where dangerous dinos run roughshot over an ill-begotten theme park.

But over the weekend, Pratt plucked from his own wardrobe to suit up as his most likable good guy persona yet: himself.

Pratt paid a visit to the kiddos at Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital in Baton Rouge, La. on Saturday (June 20) -- cue all the aws -- and shared some of his "Jurassic World" survival skills with the little ones. Because this is need-to-know information. And also how CUTE is he?!

According to the hospital, Pratt taught all the rapt boys and girls his "raptor whispering" trick to cheer 'em up and it totally worked.

"Our patients were all smiles and we are so thankful to Chris for lifting their spirits by visiting and handing out 'Jurassic World' goodies," the hospital said in a statement.

The visit, which took place during a day of downtime from Pratt's latest picture which is currently filming in the Bayou - a western called "The Magnificent Seven," co-starring Denzel Washington and Matt Bomer -- was coordinated by the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

This is but the latest in a series of children's hospital visits made by Pratt over the past year. Because he is seriously the best.

In February, he visited Boston's Christopher's Haven Children's Hospital after making a Super Bowl bet with "Captain America" Chris Evans, and last August he dressed up as the Star-Lord to hang out with the wee ones at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

THIS GUY. (Our hero.)

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