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7 Underrated Advantages Of Being A Third Wheel

The best things in life come in threes.

Peter Alden is the internet's new favorite third wheel. He fills his Instagram account, @imnotathirdwheel, with pics of him and his two coupled-up best friends. When his story broke on BuzzFeed, a lot of people felt bad for the dude.

The thing is, third wheeling it isn't all bad. Here's why:

You can go as whatever you want for Halloween

Halloween is a hard time to be in a relationship if you want some freedom with your costume. Flying solo means you can go as whatever you want, change your mind as the last minute or just stay in if it's not your thing. You can also pull an Alden and give your couple friends a chance to coordinate with you, so everyone wins!

You don’t have to share your food

Love means never having to say you're sorry, but being single means never having to answer, "Can I have a bite of that?" Until a fourth wheel comes along, it's all yours.

Everything is cheaper

Your couple friends might be an "us" or a "we," but that just means that one of them is paying for two of everything. Being a third wheel is a bargain.

There are fewer fire hazards

Whether it's an actual fire hazard from cozying up by the fireplace or more of an emotional fire hazard because #drama, romance has the potential to be downright dangerous. Play it safe and watch the YouTube version instead.

No one tells you not to climb things

It's nice having someone to look out for your safety, but in lieu of that, it's even nicer to be able to climb on a boat when you want to. No one tells you what to do -- except for your mom and she's not invited.

You don't have to wear the pants in a relationship

Alden took this literally, but it applies figuratively, too. When you're single, the only person you have to take care of is yourself. If you have a serious significant other, you have to consider them before making big decisions.

You don't lose your friends to relationships

By far the worst part of being single is the fear of losing your friends to romantic relationships. Third wheels are awesome because they refuse to let this happen. Instead they welcome their pal's significant other and their third wheel status, because all it really means is a happier best friend.