Why Is 50 Cent's Son Taking Pictures With Floyd Mayweather?

Fif can't be happy with this.

50 Cent and his son aren't on the best of terms, but it looks like Marquise Jackson is really trying to rub that in his father's face.

The teen has been popping up in photos with Slowbucks over the past few months -- despite his father's very public falling out with the streetwear entrepreneur after Summer Jam, and last week he shared a photo of himself hanging with Floyd Mayweather, on Facebook.

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The timing is notable since Fif has spent about a solid month throwing shots at the boxer, even accusing him of being illiterate.

So what does 50's son have to gain from these photos ops? If his goal is to piss off pops, he's probably succeeded, but hopefully Mayweather is happy to give him a weekly allowance when he needs it.

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