EXCLUSIVE: Logan Paul Got Married! Sorry, Ladies!

The Vine star put a ring on it. Meet his new bride!

Beyonce has a saying about marriage, and I believe it goes something along the lines of "If you liked it then you should've put a ring on it." Well, ladies, Vine star, supermarket swimmer, and tank-top enthusiast Logan Paul took that to heart (which is wise since you definitely don't want The Beygency on your ass) down here at the Hangout Fest in Alabama, where he's been making Vines for MTV and getting himself hitched to a lucky lady... whom he met, like, five minutes before taking her to a little beach chapel and making her Mrs. Logan Paul forever-ever.

Congrats, you two! If you email me a link to your registry I'll be getting you love birds the fifth-most expensive thing on your list!

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