Woodstock Worker Gets Jail In Sexual Assault

A Woodstock '99 souvenir-stand worker was sentenced to spend six years in New York's Elmira State Prison on Wednesday after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a 15-year old girl during the riot that ended the three-day concert in July.

Timothy A. Weeden, 26, of Rome, New York, pled guilty to sodomy in the first degree earlier this year and saw three additional charges of sodomy, sexual abuse, and child endangerment dropped.

Weeden, who was also a prison guard, was arrested in August of last year in connection with a sexual assault that occurred in a gas station restroom near the concert site as fires and looting brought the three-day concert to its notorious conclusion.

Following Wednesday's sentencing, Weeden made an apology and was taken straight from Onieda County Court in Utica, New York to the state prison where he is expected to spend the full six years of his term.

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