'Jersey Shore' Sneak Peek: Angelina Is Flaunting Photos Of Herself With 'Another Man'

Yeah -- that's definitely not Chris

It's New Year's Day in Jersey Shore. The first topic of conversation in 2022: Angelineers Angelina and Chris. And a new man.

"Right now, Angelineers is sending the Investigation photos of her with another man in Spain," Mike states in the sneak peek clip above. "I didn't know the show was still filming. Something is up."

The show is All Star Shore, premiering on June 29 on Paramount+. But pivoting back to this situation (pun intended): After receiving Angelina's photos, Mike gets in touch with Deena, who confirms that Ang is indeed speaking to someone from the P+ series. But she's not in Spain.

Where in the world is she -- and what does Mike have to say about Angelina's marriage? Watch the clip, and do not miss the return of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation on Thursday, June 23 at 8/7c!

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