Miley Cyrus Wore Disco Pasties And 'Stole A Shirt From A Stripper' Last Night

So, it was a productive Wednesday.

Yesterday, Miley Cyrus ~let it all hang out~ in a printed t-shirt at her rehearsals in Miami. What was to come for the actual performance, though, was totally different and very silver. It's hard to describe, but essentially, it's a thonged string bikini slash onesie.

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Here's a closer look:

Miley's barely-there unitard was entirely backless and culminated in a tiny thong. Underneath the thong, she wore silver tights. They're Golden Lady, I presume.

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Here's the front. It's two, um, strips with the bottom half looped through the sides. (How she went to the bathroom in this thing we'll never know.)

If those strips seem precarious to you, don't worry. Underneath them were disco ball pasties, obviously. When in Miami, do as the Floridians, I guess? There was also a tinsel wig, because, obviously. Silver on silver on silver, y'all.

Not to be overshadowed, there was also this moment from the show where Miley and Wayne Coyne shared a giant rainbow costume. Such BFFS.

Later, after the allure of pasties had worn off, she "stole a shirt from a stripper." That's how you "know the nights been a good one," OK?

Meanwhile, my Wednesday consisted of deciding whether or not I "needed" to shower.

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