Jamie Lynn Spears' Gas Station Pregnancy Test Confession Is Obviously The Best Quote Of The Day


Britney's little sister: Utterly unflappable.

You know who'd make the best best friend? Jamie Lynn Spears. You know why? Because she's strictly no bulls***. She tells it to you straight up. Case in point? During an interview about her upcoming album, home girl told E! (you know, people who print things so that people like me can repeat them on the Internet and help the billowing puffer fish of celebrity gossip and truths expand to its most terrifying maximum capacity?) that she took a pregnancy test IN A GAS STATION BATHROOM.

Here's what transpired:

"One day, me and my friend were riding around in my mom's little convertible and I had not been feeling well. I thought it was just stress with work and all kinds of different things. My friend was like, 'Why don't you just take a test?' I was like, 'OK, I will.'  "We were filling up with gas, so I went in the gas station and took the test and it was positive," Jamie Lynn told E!. "So that is the glamorous way that I found out I was going to have my little nugget!"


Praise you, Jamie Lynn. You just took real talk to new heights. You got to "real talk," and then you leveled up. That's the type of girl I want to go shopping with, so when I inevitably squeeze my deluded self into a dress two sizes two small, she'd stand by me, as the voice of reason and pull the pin out of that truth grenade by saying "No. That does not fit. At all. Ever. Wear something in your REAL, ACTUAL SIZE and get on with your life." She's the type of girl who'd hear you say, "Well, yeah, he cheated on me twice, but he told me it's really finally over and he's just gonna concentrate on us now" and rationally respond, "ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO YOURSELF RIGHT NOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, MAKE LIKE FIFTH HARMONY AND LET'S BE MISS MOVIN' ON."


I love this level of honesty in a celebrity or any other human being. Zoey 101 got knocked up at the unripe young age of 16, found out her world was about to change in, like, a Shell station john and was like "Yes. This is who I am."

"I'm more honest in my lyrics than I am in anything else," Jamie Lynn, who's working on her second album, once told Glamour mag. "It's where I feel the most safe to express myself. I write about growing up, my family, Maddie and getting pregnant. If I've lived it, why wouldn't I talk about it? I guess that's been the coolest thing, realizing that it's OK to just be myself and really tell my story." Preach on, little sister.

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