Why 'Teen Mom 2''s Chelsea Wants To Change Aubree's Name

The little girl may just become happily hyphenated

For eight years, Chelsea's daughter has been known as Aubree Lind. But the Teen Mom 2 mother-daughter duo has openly discussed the desire to add DeBoer (Cole's last name) to the little girl's moniker -- something the second grader fully desires -- and now, Chelsea is opening up about how she's taking steps to make it legally happen.

"I'm meeting a lawyer tomorrow to ask what the steps would be to hyphenate Aubree's last name," Chelsea divulged to her pal Chelsey during this week's episode. "She thinks it's a great idea. If you ask her, she wants [Watson] to know that's his sister."


While Adam is no longer a part of the MTV series, Chelsea later expressed some concern that it might be a challenge working with her ex to make this permanent change.

"My lawyer is going to get a hold of his attorney to see if he will agree to it," Chelsea told her friend Britnee. "But she doesn't expect to hear back from him because I think his attorney has a hard time getting a hold of him."

Potential difficulties aside (and her explaining to Britnee that filing a notion and writing up an affidavit would be the next course of action if Adam is non-responsive), Chelsea is ready to share something with her mini-me.

"I've never had the same last name as her," she sweetly declared.

Do you think Chelsea will be able to complete this name change smoothly, or will issues arise? Share your thoughts in the comments, and keep up with Teen Mom 2 every Monday at 9/8c.

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