Vote For The Best TV Couple Of 2015

Which ships are still afloat, and which sank in 2015?

2015 was a pretty spectacular year for couple-dom on television. From "Arrow" to "Outlander" to "Once Upon a Time" and back again, the tube gave us plenty of solid examples to model our own love lives after... though, lucky for us, our own love lives don't involve the hassles of time travel and evil bad guys trying to kill us.

We've given you MTV News' list of the 19 best TV couples of 2015, but now it's your turn to weigh in -- did we get it right, or are we as clueless as the Scottish villagers who tried to burn Claire for witchcraft (on "Outlander," of course)? It's time to let you decide.

(Voting for this poll ends on December 29, 2015.)

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