Listen to Nine Inch Nails' New Single "Came Back Haunted"

Nine Inch Nails

Last night, Trent Reznor's beloved industrial-rock band Nine Inch Nails released the first cut from their long awaited album Hesitation Marks. It's standard Reznor fodder, with the gothly one singing about being haunted after what we can only presume was a horrific, terrifying, and grisly death.

But aside from the rather ghoulish imagery, the new NIN isn't abrasive as the old NIN, at least if you're looking to early '90s NIN as a reference point. There's chirpy synths that pair with an uptempo beat and Reznor himself doesn't blow the back of his vocal chords out with any well-timed screams. Still, he sounds as passionate as ever and for those ready to experience NIN in 2013, this is as good as it's going to get.

Hesitation Marks is the eighth studio album from Reznor and company and the first in five years --- their last was 2008's The Slip, which was released for free under a Creative Commons licence. Since then, he's been busy with his electronic-goth act How to Destroy Angels, a musical project he does with his wife Mariqueen Maandig.

Starting July 26 at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan, the band will be on tour through November playing festivals throughout the United States, Europe and Asia as well as major arenas with God Speed! You Black Emperor and Explosions in the Sky.

Hesitation Marks is out September 3 on Columbia. Stream "Came Back Haunted" below: