New Song: B.o.B Featuring 2 Chainz, 'HeadBand' (NSFW)

B.o.B goes gaga over a girl on his new jam, "HeadBand."

B.o.B is not a follower -- he's a leader and a trendsetter. (Have you seen his sunglasses?) But on his new song "HeadBand" featuring 2 Chainz, from his upcoming Underground Luxury album, Bobby Bands is joining in on a tried-and-true pastime in music: adding nonstop whistling to your song. You know, the kind of whistling that appears in songs like "Moves Like Jagger," "Whistle," "I Wanna Go," "Home," "The Lazy Song" -- you get the idea. And B's not just whistling for his health in "HeadBand"; he's smitten with a particularly FOINE lady. (Though we hope he's not whistling in the pass-by-a-construction-site way. That's NEVER a good look.)

Listen to B.o.B Featuring 2 Chainz' "HeadBand" after the jump.

On possibly the dirtiest song to ever feature some innocent whistles, B.o.B raps about how enamored he is with a girl's impressive... figure: "She do it like she do it in the mirror/ Be cautious, that booty is bigger than it appears/ She speed it up or slow it down, like she's switching gears/ I'm looking for the baddest one here." Oh, so that's what that car mirror warning means!

Meanwhile, 2 Chainz is similarly fascinated, adding, "I've been drinking all night, I think my kidney's hurtin'/ So I closed the curtains on the '62/ Her a** would knock your a** out/ You better stick and move." OK, guys, a word? Clearly you have no trouble in the dating department. WE could probably take some pointers from you. But let's keep the whistling on wax, 'kay? It makes for a WAY better song than a pickup technique, unless you're tryin'a catch a slap!

+ Listen to B.o.B Featuring 2 Chainz' "HeadBand" (NSFW).

Photo credit: WMG

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