Josh And Helen From ‘Drake & Josh’ Finally Get Along IRL! See Their Reunion Pic

The former movie theater nemeses have squashed the fictional beef — and given us even more hope for an official reunion!

Ever since Josh Peck and Drake Bell both revealed they’re more than game for a “Drake & Josh” reunion, our minds have been swimming in nostalgia. Fans came up with some truly stellar reboot ideas, leaving us clutching to the possibility that this thing might happen after all.

And now, we’ve been given another promising hint that maybe more O.G. cast members are joining the talks. Or, at the very least, proving there’s nothing but love in the “Drake & Josh” fam, even after all these years.

On Thursday night (Oct. 1), Peck posted the sweetest pic with his former onscreen nemesis: Yvette Nicole Brown, a.k.a. Helen.



Yep, THAT Helen — the dictatorial movie theater manager who was constantly butting heads with Josh, her least valued employee. The tyrant boss always favored Drake over him (at least, until that one episode where Josh lost a bunch of weight and she was all OH HEYYY, I SEE YOU NOW), which was actually kind of weird, considering Josh was the work-loving bro and Drake was all “guitar and girls or bust.”

Anyway, Helen and Josh served up the best comedic humor with their onscreen squabbles, but how’s their relationship IRL? Well, it appears they’ve thankfully squashed the fictional beef for good. The “Grandfathered” actor posted this cute pic of them on Twitter, writing, “Helen and Josh finally getting along. Love u @YNB.”

Then, the “Community” actress followed by reposting the same pic on Instagram with a similarly sweet caption: "Proof that #Helen loves #Josh or at least proof that I do!”

And to think… this cuteness from the head-butting duo who once got so feisty over hot dogs.





But you know what? Those silly little tiffs matters now, because it’s no longer their job to hate each other. C’mon, say it with me now…



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