Joe Keery Wants A Steve And Hopper 'Buddy-Cop' Story Line In 'Stranger Things' Season 3

Who doesn't?

When it comes to Stranger Things, there is only one universal truth: Steve Harrington is a goddamn hero. We knew the Hawkins High jock had a good conscience beneath that Fabergé Organics coif after the events of the first season, but in Stranger Things 2, Steve emerged from the ashes of bad '80s stereotypes a true fan-favorite, his signature bat and his smart-ass sidekick Dustin in tow.

Steve and Dustin's unexpected pairing was one of the highlights of the season, for viewers and for actor Joe Keery. But with Stranger Things set to return for a third season sometime next year (or possibly later), and an inevitable one-year time-jump ahead, we wonder who Hawkins's best-worst babysitter will team up with next.

Jonathan Byers seems like the obvious answer. Their antagonistic dynamic in Season 1 pretty much laid the groundwork for a reconciliation arc in Season 3. Plus, their shared affection for Nancy means that they still have a whole lot of baggage to work through. As for Keery, he wants to see Steve share the screen with one of Hawkins's finest: Jim Hopper.

"I just think David's so sick," Keery told MTV News of his obvious affection for his costar David Harbour. "And I think that'd be kind of funny." The feeling's mutual. Last month, Harbour told Mashable, "I would love to play scenes with him where Hopper is just completely ripping him apart and then he walks away and Steve just calls him a dipshit under his breath or something."

Yeah. That sounds about right.

"Steve thinks he has it all figured out," Keery added. "But he's definitely not the fastest guy. In a pinch, he can work himself out of some situations. With Hopper, they could lend to each other in that way. It could be like a buddy-cop movie or something."

With that in mind, we've come up with a few scenarios that would bring Hopper and Harrington together in Season 3.

Officer Steve Harrington?


Stranger Things

Think about it: Steve didn't really have any collegiate plans. (Admission essays just aren't his forte.) So with Steve set to graduate in the spring of 1985, and given his strong moral code and reckless desire to protect those around him, he might be a prime candidate for the Hawkins Police Department, reporting directly to Chief Hopper. If that's the case then it's only a matter of time before he adopts Hopper's "mornings are for coffee and contemplation" mantra.

Steve Harrington: Babysitter


stranger things

What if Steve turned his friendship with Dustin into a lucrative side hustle? He's already proven that he can look after a gaggle of children while navigating through an extremely perilous extradimensional maze. If he can do that without losing any limbs or children, then surely he can babysit Jane (a.k.a. Eleven) when Hopper's working late. We're not saying he'd survive said experience with the powerful telekinetic, but he'd surely be up for the challenge. And he'd probably let her eat all the Eggos. He's cool like that.

Hopper and Harrington vs. the Mind Flayer


Steve Harrington

Listen, if any of those kids are in trouble, then you know that Steve and Hopper would team up to save them in a heartbeat. After surviving the Demogorgon in Season 1 and an attack from the Mind Flayer in Season 2, Steve and Hopper are bonded — whether they like it or not. And Steve, like Hopper, would immediately jump into action without necessarily thinking things through first. Sure, Hopper would drag Steve to no end, but you know he appreciates Steve's chutzpah.

Self-Defense 101 With Jim Hopper


Stranger Things

Someone has to teach Steve how to properly defend himself. And who better than Hopper?

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