Miley Cyrus Admits Her Engagement Ring Isn’t Her Aesthetic

But she wears it anyway because LOVE

At the beginning of the year, Miley Cyrus hinted that she had reconnected with Liam Hemsworth when she posted a sparkly selfie that put her engagement ring front and center. Over the next several months, she wore a Hemsworth shirt and got a Vegemite tattoo, but she never verbally acknowledged that they were officially back together.

Of course, if one person could get it out of her, it's Ellen DeGeneres.

In a preview clip from today's episode, Miley explains that wearing the ring is weird because it's "real jewelry," which isn't really her aesthetic. Despite a preference for jewelry themed after gummy bears and cotton candy, Miley wears the ring because Liam loves her.

Psst, Liam, just a suggestion: a wedding band made out of a gummy LifeSaver. Consider it.

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