New Blood: Will Cara Fit In With The 'Siesta Key' Crew?

We're guessing Juliette would say 'no'

Being the new girl in Siesta Key isn't easy -- just ask former newbies Kelsey and Canvas. There's enough drama and gossip to make any newcomer feel like an outsider before you can say, "Want to go upstairs and play Checkers?"

Now, during this week's season premiere, Chloe introduced us to Cara (Alex's ex from college). This comes as bad news for Juliette, seeing as she and Alex are finally in a good place after months of on-and-off dating. And frankly, that's probably exactly why Chloe -- aka Siesta's "resident sh*t stirrer" (Juliette's words) -- invited Cara to Alex's massive birthday bash.

"For the last few months, [Juliette] hasn't texted me once to get dinner or hang out," Chloe said of her former friend. "It's almost like she was trying to be such good friends with me just to get with Alex. Since Juliette doesn't hang out with me anymore, why not invite Cara? Alex has slept with the whole town. What's one more girl?"


Shifting back to Cara: The New Jersey native calls Siesta Key her "second home" after going to college (and meeting Alex) in Tampa. She has a massive pad on the beach, a personal chef and is the only girl to actually dump the local Romeo.

"I always saw through his bullsh*t," Cara said. "The Alex Kompo that I know -- once a dog, always a dog. Like, that kid's never going to change."

Which brings us to the party of the summer, where Juliette didn't hesitate to mark her territory... directly in front of Cara.

Her biggest issue with the new girl? "Cara doesn't have respect for anyone's relationship," she said. "She's been very aware in the past that Alex had a girlfriend and hooked up with him anyway ... No girl wants their boyfriend's ex-girlfriend here."

When Jules confronted Alex about his ex, he told her to "stop being so jealous." So she went directly to the source to spill her feelings.

"I just feel like you and Alex have done things in the past that no girlfriend would like," she told Cara. "You have hooked up when he's had a girlfriend clear as day and didn't give a sh*t. That's why I don't really like you."


While the gorgeous newcomer dubbed Alex "a scary dude to date," saying she would "thrillingly" turn him down, Juliette still feels threatened -- bringing back shades of Alex and Kelsey. But what about the rest of the crew? Will Cara mesh well with them, or is she doomed? Sound off with your thoughts, then tune in for more on Tuesday at 9/8c.

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