Chris Brown Readies Deluxe Edition Of 'Exclusive'; Calls Rihanna 'A Close Friend'

Insistently single singer adds tracks -- and possible DVD -- to reissue of latest album.

Chris Brown is making his platinum-plus album [article id="1559602"]Exclusive[/article] even more elite. The teen singer is releasing a repackaged version of the record within the next couple of months. The set will include some brand-new tracks -- one is the next single, "Forever" -- and, if he gets his way, a DVD.

"It's very fortunate, my label wants me to repackage the album and release some new records," he explained to MTV Base while on his European tour last week. "I've been recording a lot of new records as well as having some songs that haven't been released yet that I can put on my repackaging. I might put my tour that I did in the States on my repackaging. I did a big tour in the States. I want to put that in the DVD part, add some of my videos on it."

"Forever" was produced by Polow Da Don and is one of the cuts Brown laid down recently. Originally, the plan was to follow up his current single, "With You," with the Kanye West-featuring "Down," but the new material won out. The song was penned by Brown and his songwriting team, the Graffiti Artists. (Besides Chris Breezy, two other guys comprise the crew.)

"We went into the studio, Polow gave me a beat, and I just started writing. His record is more of a European, techno, house-type feel," Brown recalled. "We wanted to give it that other side of crossover, and go a little bit to that pop realm. Hopefully, [I'll] be the Prince of Pop. I don't want to say I'm the King; I just hopefully can be the Prince of Pop."

Brown's fans have certainly crowned him the King of the Young People. If you check out the online message boards, they talk about how talented he is, how cute he is, and lately, how deceptive he has been when it comes to his personal life. While out in Europe, C. Breezy responded to all the dating rumors about him and Rihanna. The singers have denied it for months, despite pictures of the two getting cozy at industry events, in island-resort swimming pools and in SUVs following shopping trips. Brown is sticking to his story: He said they are not a couple.

"Me, personally, from a relationship standpoint, I am a single guy," he insisted to MTV Base. "I am definitely single. And I've been on my Web site and seeing how girls have been threatening me and saying I'm a liar, and I'm like, 'It's not even that.' The thing is, I have a close friend, but it's not like a relationship. I'm not trying to settle down. I'm only 18, so I'm just trying to live my life and have fun."

Despite his comments, however, Brown and Rihanna were reportedly photographed leaving a London hotel together over the weekend.

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