'Laguna Beach' Turns 10: Remember These Righteous Rites Of Passage?

It's been a decade since the MTV series premiered, and we're honoring LC, K-Cav & Co. with a trip down memory lane.

A decade ago, viewers met an unforgettable group of high school students in the picturesque city of Laguna Beach. They were led by the level-headed Lauren, who served as the show's narrator, and our very first glimpse of her was an indelible one: the blond beauty was enjoying a stroll on the beach just before introducing her circle of friends.


The majority of the guys and girls were seniors -- but let's not forget one very feisty junior named Kristin.


Lauren's close-knit group of buddies also included her longtime pal and semi-crush Stephen, her close ally Trey and her BFFLo. Stephen's on-again off-again girlfriend was Kristin; the always-musical Christina, bubbly extrovert  Morgan and flirtatious Talan rounded out the vibrant crowd.

Michael Muller


As the series progressed, we watched the teens prepare to graduate and explore life outside of their hometown. But before they set sail, their rites of passage unfolded on the small screen: parties, spring break, prom, caps and gowns, and final farewells, to name just a few.

In anticipation of the show's 10-year anniversary -- it's this Sunday -- we're reliving the "Laguna" crowd's most eventful moments. Pull up a beach chair and join us!

The black & white party

It was our first taste of the Lauren and Kristen rivalry and their quasi love triangle with Stephen. In preparation for the formal affair, the group secured a hotel room and got dressed to the nines. But the evening ended in slight disappointment for Lauren when Stephen peaced out relatively early -- because an impatient Kristin kept urging him and their buddies to leave.

Car breakdowns

Many of us have had our vehicle hit the hay, so it was easy to relate to K-Cav's frustration when her ride officially died.



Being left off the guest list can sting, and such was the case for Lauren and Lo when it came to Christina's 18th birthday bash. The lively ladies weren't invited -- and they certainly missed quite the dance party.

Spring break

As Kristen pointed out before their getaway, what happens in Cabo stays in Cabo. But who could forget Stephen yelling at K-Cav after an unforgettable pole dance and make-out session with Sam, as well as Lauren cuddling up to Stephen during dinner?


Corsages, limos, flirty dresses and more. Stephen and Kristin reconnected, while Lauren and Lo brought platonic dates to the gala.


The whole crew sat together as they bid adieu to LBHS. Cue Vitamin C.

Last gathering

Before Trey departed for the Big Apple, the buddies gathered at his house to nosh on some barbecue and reminisce. Memories and embraces were shared, commencing a series of fond farewells.

Goodbye hugs and kisses...


...and new beginnings in San Francisco


Those big grins!

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